Projects [PhD/DMus]

null Rooted Cosmopolitanism in Sámi CD Productions in the 2000s

Chen, Xinjie

This research concerns Sámi CD productions around the first decade of the twenty-first century from the theoretical lens of rooted cosmopolitanism (e.g., Appiah 1997; Cohen 1992). It argues that the ethnic and regional roots of Sámi, as well as the associations with nation-states in Fennoscandia, have played the essential roles in the cosmopolitanism of Sámi CD productions. Simultaneously, Sáminess has been articulated in these productions.

The primary research material consists of 184 Sámi CDs that were mostly published in Norway, Finland, and Sweden around the first decade of the twenty-first century. As an ethnomusicological study, this research investigates musical productions in the contemporary music industry through textual analysis of tangible CD products, including the visual and literal components in the CD covers and booklets in addition to the musical sounds. It also concerns Sámi music heritages and new creations in the current political and cultural contexts. Moreover, this research is mapped further to the field of indigenous study by considering indigenous knowledge and ontology when exploring Sáminess in cultural interactions and musical cooperation. By doing these, this research demonstrates how Sámi CD productions are shaped in the tensions between the representations of Sámi roots and musical cosmopolitanism, which reflect the relationships between Sámi and others in the world.