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null Jonas Lundblad’s (ÅA) public defence of the doctoral thesis May 25, 2023

MFA in Music Jonas Lundblad’s doctoral thesis in Musicology will be put forth for public defence at the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology at Åbo Akademi University.

The thesis is entitled A Composite Modernist Composer: A Study of Intersections between Composition, Theorizing, and Performance in Olivier Messiaen.

The public defence of the doctoral thesis takes place on 25 May 2023 at 12 PM in the Armfelt auditorium, Arken, Tehtaankatu 2, Turku. Professor Edward Campbell, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Great Britain will serve as opponent and Professor Johannes Brusila, Åbo Akademi University, as custos.

For more information, see the dissertation press release.

The doctoral thesis can be read online through the Doria publication archive.