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Ojanen, Mikko (HY): Technologically oriented music production processes

Due to the development of technology used in musical sound recording and processing, a wide range of new means of musical expression and sonic experiences has emerged during the 20th century. The continual changes  in technology enable new musical genres to emerge. In addition, technological developments can also be seen to challenge the traditional concept of musical work. For example, along with the emergence of electroacoustic music, non-predetermined music production became possible. It was no longer necessary to plan things beforehand or write a score for a piece; the entire composition process could be done in close interaction with technology. The studio has become a compositional tool and the purpose of the tape recorder has broadened from that of a storage and recording device to a creative tool. In the very core of these processes are different listening modes and the composer's or producer's creative decision making. In this research, I will build a framework that can be applied when studying and analysing certain types of electroacoustic and technologically oriented popular music composition and production processes. What drives this technological change and how does this ever-evolving process alter music production processes and listening experiences?

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