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Chen, Xinjie (UH): Musical Cosmopolitanism in Sámi Music CD production of the 21st Century

The work studies how Sámi music industry and CD production break cultural and national barriers, and communicate with others in the world.
Today, Sámi culture is facing the impacts of globalization and consumer culture to which their music, an important symbol of Sáminess, has to adapt. Music has played an important part in the trend of indigenous movements of Sámi: internationally known Sámi musicians perform Sáminess not only to the outsiders but also to the Sámi themselves, promoting ethnic and indigenous awareness. There several reasons focusing on Sámi CD production. It is a cultural production that encompasses music performance, composing, recording technology, visual designing, and marketing. It plays an important role in spreading and promoting music and Sáminess amongst the Sámi and to other audiences that include international music and cultural markets.
From a perspective of indigenous cosmopolitanism, this research is discussing about the Sámi music CD productions based on the theories of rooted cosmopolitanism which combines two groups of elements which seem to be opposite to each other: cultural difference, local, specificity and translocal, universality. According to different context, the attachments of a person, a group of people or a kind of culture can be concluded into different levels of roots, this research will talk about the cosmopolitanism in Sámi music CD productions mainly on two levels, state-rooted and ethnic-rooted.
Cosmopolitanism can be assumed to be one of the motivating forces behind Sámi CD production. However, it may be something that the Sámi musicians and music producers are actively aiming at in their music practice. Thus, based on the idea of cosmopolitan ethinicity, the role of indigenous elites and their initiative in the development of Sámi musical industry and the cosmopolitanism practice will be probed.